Akiko Hoshina

Ostensibly a ceramicist, Akiko Hoshina creates faintly macabre works that, like artists such as Louise Bourgoise, often carry some autobiographical narrative, tackling themes of time and memory.

As with her lace series of works, in which she presses thin layers of clay onto previously owned lace clothes, the destruction (wholly or in part) of the work becomes crucial to the process in revealing the hidden history behind the materials. Her shifting notion of even the identity of clay itself is constantly challenged, born of an approach that is both conceptual and always exploratory.

The impermanence of her site-specific installations, such as the –the fireplace installation seen in SØLV, lend a ghostly transitory quality to the work that is melancholy, unsettling and carries an unmistakable cultural signature from Akiko’s motherland.


Born: 1971
Nationality: Japanese
Education: Joshibi University of Art and Design, Kanagawa, Japan