Maria Bang Espersen

Espersen places great emphasis on challenging tradition, reinventing her approach so that her practice is constantly evolving through experimentation. Like her shifting methodology, her work employs materials that have the characteristics of being fluid and malleable – materials such as water, latex and most interestingly, glass.

Originally educated as a glass blower, Espersen manipulates glass in unusual ways that expand our understanding of the medium. Several of her sculptures involve the careful layering of glass, manipulated in such a way that disguises its character or reveals a world of detail and intricacy. In some cases she will incorporate elements of performance for works of a durational nature.

Constantly innovating, Espersen’s dynamic work comments on the subjective nature of truth – positing that no one truth is universal and that it is only the pursuit of one’s own truth that has any relevance.

Nationality: Danish

California Institute Of The Arts
The Royal Danish Academy of Design

International Glass Lomme, Belgium
The Coburg Prize for contemporary glass, Germany
Stanislav Libensky award, Pragh

Selected Exhibitions:
BRAFA Art Fair, Brussel
Ebeltoft Glass Museum
Talente Munich