Manuel Canú

Mostly wall-mounted and sometimes site-specific, Canu’s peculiar architectural sculptures are concerned with acculturation – the cultural and psychological changes that ensue following a collision of cultures.

Primarily using his hands to recreate architectural details in clay, Canu immediately presents us with a contradiction in form. Originally from Sardinia, educated in London, and now based in Copenhagen, Canu himself might be labelled the product of cultural collision.

His works often exude a subtle humour, a sense of playfulness and a trace of anarchy – Canu’s own culture and personality infuse these ceramic impersonations with a humanity that contrasts the sophisticated yet relatively impersonal architecture that inspires them.

Born: 1979
Nationality: Italian

Bath Spa University
City of Bath College ND

Selected Exhibitions
Talente, Munich
Ceramic Art London
Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
Den Frie