Tom Price

Price endeavours to take materials that may be familiar to us and reveal their properties in new and intriguing ways.

He works extensively in resin and tar but also with materials as diverse as carbon and steel  – there are examples of both in SØLV.

The work has an immediate visceral impact, his carbon copy series has an explosive quality that is both arresting and inviting: Black printer toner powder is displaced across a board using compressed air, photographed and then printed onto an aluminium plate. The result is like a bomb frozen in mid-explosion, we’re pulled in to examine the intricate, abstract beauty of a random act of violence that evokes feelings of conflict but also alludes to celestial bodies.

Price’s works in resin and tar share similar qualities, the result of an epic tussle for dominance between this dense black substance and the clear liquid tar. Once set, the sculpture is a stage for this frozen riot of chance colours and writhing forms, reminiscent of a strange seascape or again, heavenly bodies that recall deep space images of nebulae and supernova – at once both violent and beautiful.


Born: 1973
Nationality: British
Education: Royal College of Art, London

Selected Exhibitions
San Francisco MOMA
MKG Hamburg
Amore Pacific Museum of Art in Seoul
Denver Art Museum
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art