Stine Jespersen

As a ceramic artist, Jespersen seeks to challenge our understanding of the medium and its conventions. Working with a ceramic archetype, such as the bowl shape, she provides an access point for the viewer, from which she can begin to work against their understanding of that form and subvert their expectations.

Her work often incorporates a process of repetition that explores, even blurs, the disciplines of craft and industry to approach something other. With her ‘Clay Knit’ series, part of which is included in Sølv, Jespersen constructs wall mounted ceramic works, built gradually from a repeated structure that, in its evocation of both clothing and honeycomb, mirrors the industry of nature and man.

Jespersen intends to draw in the viewer by means of these repeated elements, each of which reveal themselves to be subtly varied, so that the viewer might then discover something unexpected in what appeared to be uniform and familiar. Exhibited in Sølv, the pieces are bathed in an ethereal glow that seemingly emanates from the works themselves, luring the viewer in and fully achieving Jespersen’s intentions.

Born: 1976
Nationality: Danish

Royal College of Art, London
Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London

Selected Exhibitions
Ceramic Art London
Pulse Gallery, Brussels